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Drx9000 Setup & Installation

Several factors come into question when you're about to move a very large piece of chiropractic equipment into you're office. Power, size of room, patient view, patient privacy, and technical access.

Power Requirements

Global Decompression supplies a Voltage Power Converter free of charge, if you require one. We supply plug converters, Step Down / Step Up Voltage converters and a NEW 1300VA Battery Backup for your DRX9000. The default power requirement is 110v / 60hz. All we need to know is what power output you have, and we’ll take it from there.

Layout and Dimensions

The DRX9000 Lumbar only is a fairly long machine. It can easily fit into a 11’ x 8’ standard room. If you choose to get a DRX9000 Lumbar & Cervical, you will be required to have 12' available, lengthwise for proper installation and operation. Here are the exact measurements:


  • 127” Long
  • 32” Wide
  • 86.5” Tall (At the tower)
  • 1400 lbs

DRX9000 with Cervical Attachment

  • 133” Long
  • 32” Wide
  • 86.5” Tall
  • 2200 lbs

Patient view

Regarding the patient view, your patient will mostly be facing up for 20 to 30 minutes. It is recommended to keep exceedingly bright lights to a minimum, or perhaps look into a dimmer switch for the room. Some doctors also provide addition oxygen or a STIM unit, such as a Synaptic or Hakomed. These units usually take up an additional 3 – 4 square feet and can be placed next to a machine. With a room that’s 10’ by 10’ there’s plenty of room.

Patient Privacy

This is completely up to you. While most Spinal Decompression machines are installed in a room by themselves behind closed doors, we have also encountered an equal number of Spinal Decompression machines installed out in the open. We’ve seen them right next to a window, near the front door, in the middle of the room, in the middle of the room with a curtain pulled around them. Every situation is unique to each doctor and is entirely your personal preference.

Technical Access

While the recommended specs are a 10’ x 10’ room, it’s always convenient to have a little extra space on all corners. This is by no means a requirement and is only a last consideration. The technicians of Global Decompression have fit a DRX9000 into the smallest of offices, multiple floors and even with no elevators. If you feel that you may have a smaller than required room or aren’t sure if it will fit through a doorway, please don't hesitate to call, and we can give you a solution.

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