You are hereFREE for your Axiom DRX 9000

FREE for your Axiom DRX 9000

Global Decompression not only provides you with a quality Used Axiom DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Equipment, we also throw in FREE extras.

Over the years, our technicians have pointed out the parts that are most likely to fail.  This is not due to a defective DRX9000, it's just normal wear and tear.

All these items are provided to you because we care about your machine, and we want you to have the best experience possible with the least amount of  repair time.

1300VA-1500VA Battery Backup - APC
APC Power Protector
This is one of the most replaced items, and one of the most important. Very few people know that this little Battery Backup does more than it gets credit for. Its main focus is to clean (or line condition) the power that comes from the wall socket to your machine. Not every building or office is wired correctly, and sometimes electricity fluctuates. This battery backup/protector provides your DRX9000 with a constant output of 125v of clean electricity. This is essential to making your investment last.

Need to replace this part yourself? Global Decompression recommends this battery replacement for the Axiom DRX9000. APC 1300 VA Battery Backup


Global Dompression LogoThe harnesses also acquire normal wear and tear, so we provide replacement harnesses. The lower harnesses are hand made from the best quality nylon & ballistic nylon fabric and are subject to strict quality control standards. The upper harnesses are made from the same material as well.  They also include High Strength Velcro or an optional Dual Lock (3M)  Velcro. The same type of buckles, clip-on points, and the metal D-rings that secure your patient, which are normally found on the factory harnesses, will be included with the replacement harnesses.

We provide (If Necessary):

  • 1 Small Lower Harness

  • 1 Medium Lower Harness

  • 1 Large Lower Harness

  • 1 Medium Upper Harness

  • 1 Large Upper Harness

Voltage Power Transformer *

This FREE item is specifically for international customers. We have several devices that are able to modify any voltage and output to the correct type for the DRX9000 and other Equipment. We also provide adapters and plugs specifically designed for your country's wall outlet. No additional wiring of your building is required, and our technicians professionally install this device upon delivery of your machine. Looking for a voltage converter for the Axiom DRX9000 or similar Used Spinal Decompression equipment? Global Decompression recommends using a converter from Voltage Converters.

Every DRX9000 purchased from Global Decompression comes with the following items:

  • FREE USA Delivery

  • FREE Installation & Setup

  • NEW Set of Harnesses *

  • NEW Voltage Transformer *

  • NEW 1300VA Battery Backup Protector

* You will only receive a FREE Power Voltage Converter if your country or power needs require it. New harnesses will be supplied if existing harnesses are "Extremely Worn"

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