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Powering Your DRX9000


Every country has a different power grid. Every country operates on different voltage, watts, amps, hertz, and plug configuration. The DRX9000 uses a standard 120v /60 Hz, but it is likely that your country does not.

We have you covered. Global Decompression provides a NEW Power/Voltage Converter that will plug directly into any electrical outlet, FREE of charge. We provide the converters, the plugs and the step-down / step-up voltage converter.



Global Decompression guarantees that each and every one of your power needs will be met. In addition to the Voltage Converter and adapters, every DRX9000 you buy from Global Decompression comes with a NEW 1300 VA Backup Battery Power Supply.  This will help keep your system protected from power surges full time and maintain power briefly during power outages.

This battery backup will be 100% compatible with the included Voltage Converter.



Every one of your power needs will be met with your country's specific plugs and adapters.  This will ensure a proper fit, which will conform to any and all electrical requirements.







* You will only receive a FREE Power Voltage Converter if your country or power needs require it.

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