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Welcome to the Power Vibe Whole Body Vibration Platform systems. These vibration systems use vertical vibration for maximum toning, lymph drainage and flexibility assistance. Available systems are the Power Vibe Zen Pro 5900, Zen Pro Touch 5900, 5910, 6920 Touch series and Power Vibes Flagship model, the iShape 8510 Touch. These systems are available for home or commercial use. Machines are shipped directly to your location and are easy to setup and use.


The benefits of vibration training with PowerVibe are considerable and therefore its use is accepted by major medical and athletic centers across the country. WBV achieves the equivalent of up to 60 minutes of conventional exercise in just 10 minutes! It’s so effective that just three 10-minute sessions a week are enough to make a considerable difference! PowerVibe WBV can enhance your general well-being and quality of life regardless of age or physical condition.
Sports, Training & Fitness:
• Warm up faster
• Improve concentration and reflexes
• Decrease chances of injury
• Achieve higher top end performance
• Improve explosiveness, speed and stamina
• Speed up recovery
Health & Pain Management:
• Speed up metabolism
• Improve digestion
• Feel better and relieve pain
• Reduce stress and improve hormonal profile
Medical & Rehabilitation:
• Increase circulation and oxygenation
• Speed up the healing process
• Enhance range of motion
• Stimulate inactive cells
• Improve stability and proprioception
Active Aging & Bone Density:
• Stimulate bone growth
• Improve balance
• Improve flexibility and range of motion
• Sleep better
• Stimulate the mind
Wellness & Beauty:
• Promote a more youthful and glowing appearance
• Stimulate lymphatic drainage
• Increase muscle tone for smoother-looking skin
• Boost energy level


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