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Vax-D Genesis G2

Digital System & Software

The G2 digital software allows you to change all treatment parameters on the fly, during the treatment session. All patient treatment settings can instantly be recalled and automatically loaded into the treatment screens to get things started quickly for each patient.


Patients can now choose to be treated in the prone (face-down) or supine (face-up) position. Lumbar or cervical treatments on the same table (same database). The G2 is the only system on the market that offers complete versatility.  Patients treated in the prone position can have E-Stim or hot/cold treatment during treatment or after without moving.
The console system has been engineered to provide control and monitoring of one or two decompression Tables from a single station, or a single decompression Table through a notebook controller mounted on a swivel arm.

The G2 can easily be moved from one room to another without any special equipment.  All VAX-D Genesis Systems are designed to be upgradeable at the touch of a button. Upgrades are provided on CD’s.   Simply insert the new VAX-D disc in the CD player and install new software with a click of the mouse.
Information At Your Fingertips

The software will store all patient data and complete information about each patient treatment session. You can search all files in seconds, with instant access to all patient data.  The system stores chart recordings for each treatment and can provide detailed reports on the patient’s condition each day.

Handgrips or Arm Rest Restraint

VAX-D  utilizes movable handgrips for upper body restraint. Adjusting the handgrips takes just seconds.

Patients can also use the VAX-D Pasive Arm-Rests  that can be attached to the handgrips Patients can relax with their hands at their sides. This can be used in the prone or supine positions. Our new Tempurpedic foam ‘body glove’ table cushions are so soft and pliable – they help to hold patients in place.

Dimensions: 110 in × 30 in × 28 in
Weight: 600 lb

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